The Rakmo Institute

Center for mediation and conflict management, Slovenia, Europe

The Rakmo Institute is a leading organisation in the field of transformative mediation and one of the leading organisations on the field of mediation in Slovenia. It is an institute for development of relationship and conflict management culture, education, counseling, research and publishing.

The main purpose of the Institute is raising awareness about the problems of interpersonal conflicts and need for their acknowledgement and discovering more constructive ways for dealing with them, deepening and spreading knowledge and skills for conflict management and conflict transformation, spreading and developing of interpersonal relationship and conflict management culture.


The Rakmo Institute
Parmova 53
1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia, Europe

Tel.: 003861 436 41 17  / 0038640 731 431

Registration number: 1893165
VAT number: 57202761
Current account: SI56 6100 0000 7509 214 (Bank name: Delavska hranilnica d.d.)
Registered in the court register at the District Court in Ljubljana on the day of February the 5th 2004.