“This is an extraordinary book, loaded with practical ideas and strategies to minimize conflict and improve communication in every area of business life.”
Brian Tracy – Author – How the Best Leaders Lead

“Communication Wellness builds on the transformative mediation framework and offers valuable insights about the crucial role of communication in conflict.  Readers will find many helpful ideas about how to create and sustain constructive communication as difficult conflicts unfold.”
Joseph P. Folger, Ph.D. is a Professor at Temple University, Philadelphia PA and is the current president of the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation.

“Marko Iršič brings together a wealth of material from across the disciplines of mediation, workplace psychology, organisational change, and people development, in this comprehensive, practical and positive book that should enable any organisation to take effective steps to limit the damage that conflict causes to people and productivity.”
Katherine Graham, Chair of CMP Resolutions and Co-author of the book Mediation for Managers

“Conflicts are a part of our daily lives. It sounds absurd but conflicts offer great opportunities to develop our mutual relationships. For that purpose, they need to be detected and resolved at their earliest stage. Quality communication can be of great help in that. This book offers many useful tips for developing communication skills and invites us to progress in communication, even when there is no conflict yet. Communication wellness is proposed as a useful approach to development of the potential for early resolution of situations that can lead to conflict.”
Stanislav Lenart, PhD, MSc (Civ.Eng.), Assistant Professor at University of Ljubljana, Former Chief Scout of the Slovenian Catholic Girl Guides and Boy Scouts Association

“Marko Iršič moves the paradigm of transformative mediation into a broader spectrum of communication, giving it a new sense of meaning and importance to society as  a whole. He presents a practical and useful tool on how to gain more knowledge and awareness about constructive interaction, crucial to overall well-being in interpersonal communication. This will improve the transformative capacity of individuals, organizations and communities on how to deal with conflicts.”
Reny Tuinstra, MfN-registered mediator and Coach, Founder and Owner of  Tuinstra Mediation

The book addresses two fields — transformative conflict theory and communications theory — I read it with interest. I have no doubt that this book will be of great value — I enjoyed it very much.
Peter Phillips, Business Conflict Management LLC, Director of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Skills Program at New York Law School

“Communication Wellness” does a great job of  looking at new approaches to understanding, examining, managing, and mending productive and constructive communication.  This book is unique since it views communication and conflict through the transformative framework lens.  Employers and employees alike will benefit from reading this book.”
Michelle Zaremba, Director of Dayton Mediation Center, Fellow of Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation, Author of The Wheels on Fire

“Often conflict is only thought about after it becomes negative and destructive, but this book looks at ways to think about conflict at every phase, even before it starts.  Marko Irsic explores innovative approach for building “communication wellness,” including practical strategies for addressing communication challenges proactively.”
Janet Mueller, Mediator, Mediation Trainer, Fellow of the Institute for the study of Conflict Transformation

“Conflicts occur also in professional sports. Precisely for that reason it is of utmost importance that athletes deal with their dilemmas or doubts with quality communication as soon as possible. Consequently, they have the best chances for progress and top results. Communication wellness is the right recipe for long-term success in any field. Therefore, I am very happy that we received this book that will help many, including athletes and their teams in professional sports.”
Natalija Gros,  former professional sports climber, World Cup combined overall winner 2007, 3-times World youth champion, 2008 European champion, Co-author of the book: With Head and Hearth to the Top

“This is paradigm shifting book! It presents conflict and quality communication as continuum and gives guidelines for moving towards constructive communication in every situation.”
Mišo Pušnik, Mediator, Mediation Trainer and Director of Center for Transformative Mediation

“I like the term »Communication Wellness«. I have learned a lot about the nature of conflict and how to avoid and resolve them. We all need to know more about what communication wellness is and how to be better in communication. Unfortunately, we learn many less useful things in school but almost nothing about communication. I recommend this book to everyone – from experts to people that like to read and learn useful new things!”
Aleš Lisac, Author, Lecturer, Marketing Advisor, and Expert in direct marketing

“I work with many different companies and I see that recognising and managing conflicts appropriately presents a crucial element of the success of a company. The book Communication Wellness is an excellent tool for all who are leading others!”
Saša Einsiedler, communication skills trainer, coach and author

“Marko Irsic takes the ‘Promise of Mediation’ to the next level, elaborating on how to address conflict before it escalates, for better interpersonal communication and improved relationships. A useful overview and concrete guide to humanizing our world.”
Hania M. Fedorowicz, European Institute for Community-based Conflict Resolution.

“Marko Iršič’s book is a wonderful description of the transformative process and an exploration into how we can address conflict in a more timely and efficient manner.  Nothing could be better than to find a way to communicate in a healthy way.  Finding a way to communicate well and create space for constructive conflict to lead us to positive insights is a great goal to strive for.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who would like to find ways to address conflict and transform negative interactions to positive interactions!”
Lisa Singh, Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Mediator

“Wellness is a trendy concept. Anyone is concerned with physical wellness. More and more people are concerned with mental/spiritual wellness. But very few people even imagine that communication wellness could exist.
Marko Iršič’s book brilliantly demonstrates that communication wellness is not only desirable but also that it is possible. Moreover, Marko Iršič shows that it can be fairly easily achieved in organisations and, why not, in your family.
Some large organisations such as the World Bank and the United Nations are promoting such programs for their staff and managers. I can witness that Marko Iršič is not a dreamer. When such programs are put in place, they work incredibly well and “wellness” becomes an accurate word to describe the relations between members of the organisation.”
Thierry Garby, Mediator, Founder of UIA World Forum of Mediation Centers, Author of Agreed! Negotiation and Mediation in the 21st century