Communication Wellness

New Approach to Communication!

How to Sustain a Constructive Communication as Difficult Conflicts Unfold?

Communication Wellness, book written by Marko Iršič,  proposes a new approach to perceiving, assessing, managing and repairing the quality of communication and offers some practical tools for that.

“Communication Wellness builds on the transformative mediation framework and offers valuable insights about the crucial role of communication in conflict.  Readers will find many helpful ideas about how to create and sustain constructive communication as difficult conflicts unfold.”
Joseph P. Folger, Ph.D. is a Professor at Temple University, Philadelphia PA and is the current president of the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation.

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It is well observed and documented that negative conflict has detrimental effects on relationships, health, quality of performance, motivation as well as efficiency and wellbeing in general. In spite of that there are many inspiring stories of successful relationships, companies and groups that manage conflicts well and that have high quality of communication most of the time. Even less than knowledge of how to deal with conflict, have people developed the knowledge base and culture for communication wellness and standards for quality communication. There are many programs, books, training courses, etc., dealing with these issues, but neither organizations nor society in general have adopted the culture of communication wellness.          
From the book Communication Wellness

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About the author
Marko Iršič is the founder of the Rakmo Institute, Master of Educational Studies, Coach, Mediator and Trainer of mediators. Author of books The Art of Conflict Management (2004 in Slovenian) and more recently Mediation (2010 in Slovenian). He obtained the license of Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and has a degree – Master of Educational Studies in Leuven in Belgium. He currently works as a trainer in communication, conflict management and mediation.