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“This is an extraordinary book, loaded with practical ideas and strategies to minimize conflict and improve communication in every area of business life.”
Brian Tracy
Author – How the Best Leaders Lead
“Marko Iršič moves the paradigm of transformative mediation into a broader spectrum of communication, giving it a new sense of meaning and importance to society as a whole. He presents a practical and useful tool on how to gain more knowledge and awareness about constructive interaction, crucial to overall well-being in interpersonal communication. This will improve the transformative capacity of individuals, organizations and communities on how to deal with conflicts.”
Reny Tuinstra
MfN-registered mediator and Coach, Founder and Owner of Tuinstra Mediation
“Marko Iršič brings together a wealth of material from across the disciplines of mediation, workplace psychology, organisational change, and people development, in this comprehensive, practical and positive book that should enable any organisation to take effective steps to limit the damage that conflict causes to people and productivity.”
Katherine Graham
Chair of CMP Resolutions and Co-author of the book Mediation for Managers
“Communication Wellness builds on the transformative mediation framework and offers valuable insights about the crucial role of communication in conflict. Readers will find many helpful ideas about how to create and sustain constructive communication as difficult conflicts unfold.”
Joseph P. Folger, Ph.D.
a Professor at Temple University, Philadelphia PA and is the current president of the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation.

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